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Below is a speakers resource library that contains ARCHIVED speeches, presentations and videos that you can use when preparing similar remarks. Quotes and paraphrases may be pulled from any sample speech without attribution. For actual speeches, please include a citation noting where the quote or paraphrase originated.

9-11 Remembrance

African American History

Armed Forces

Asian American-Pacific Islander Heritage

Battle of Midway

Bells Across America

Bells Across America


Department of the Navy Fiscal Year Budget

Changes of Command

Chief of Information (CHINFO) Portal

Chief of Naval Operations (CNO)

NEW! The Navy The Nation Needs

CNO Speeches and Transcripts

What is our Navy's role?

Chief of Naval Personnel (CNP)


Command Presentation


Energy 101

Hispanic Heritage

Independence Day



Secretary of Defense Pride Month Ceremony

Secretary of the Navy Pride Month Ceremony

Memorial Day

Native American Heritage

Navy Birthday

Pacific Fleet Speeches

Pacific Command Speeches/Testimony

Pearl Harbor Day


Seabee 75th Commemoration

Naval History and Heritage Command Resources

Secretary of the Navy Speeches and Transcripts

SECNAV Speeches and Transcripts

Senior Leader Engagement Portal

Status of the Navy

Status of the Navy: Around the World, Around the Clock


Veterans Day

Women's History

World War II 75th Commemoration

History and Heritage Command Toolkit