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Navy Bands

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Public & Civic Events

The Navy Music Program offers a wide variety of entertainment options for your event, ranging from large ceremonial Bands to smaller ensembles.

Navy Bands may perform for public and civic events if the event is of general interest or benefit to a local, state or national community. However, Bands may not participate in events that are commercially sponsored; are designed to increase business traffic or raise charitable donations; or are associated with a religious or ideological movement, such as a Christmas parade, beauty pageant or political gathering.

Requestors may be required to fund a Band's travel, lodging and per diem expenses for performances outside of their geographical area of responsibility.

Requests can be made by following the directions below and submitting a DD 2536 form.

Performance Types

Navy Bands can support a wide variety of public and civic events but the performance type generally falls into one of two categories.

Patriotic Openers

Approximately 15 to 20 minutes in length, serve to initiate the formal portion of a military, civic or governmental event. In this setting, a Band may perform a program of military and patriotic selections prior to the formal presentation of the Colors. The musical program must include the national anthem unless the ceremony includes a recital of the Pledge of Allegiance. During patriotic openers, a Band may not provide music for entertainment, such as dancing music, cocktail and dinner music or concert and show music.

Public Concerts

Whether in a traditional concert hall, outdoor venue, or parade, the event must be free and open to the public. However, a Band may perform at fairs, exhibitions and similar events with admission fees if the performance is incidental to the primary event, and no additional fee is charged to hear the Band play.


A general list of things to consider when making a request.


  • must be free & open to the public.
  • that support any type of fundraising are not eligible.
  • where performances may give the appearance of U.S. Navy endorsement of a commercial establishment, religious or political cause, are not eligible.
  • may only have one Military Band perform (an Air Force Band and Navy Band cannot play at the same event).
  • where Bands are requested to provide entertainment, background, dinner, dance or other social music that would be in competition with the customary or regular employment of local musicians, are not eligible.

Requests must be made no later than 30 days prior to an event to receive consideration.

Bands Regional Coverage Area

Click an area of the map to see a list of available Bands in that region.

Image Map Showing Regions of where you can book a band.

Submit a Band Request

Use DD Form 2536 - Request for Military Support in Public Events (non-aviation).


Process for requesting a Navy Band

Send Form

Send completed DD Form 2536 to .

Legal Review

Once received, we will review your request to determine whether regulations permit a Navy Band to support the event.

If the event is approved, we will forward your request to the regional Band in your area for further coordination.

If the request is denied, you/your organization will receive an email explaining why your request is not eligible to receive support.

For questions about the eligibility of a specific event, please contact our Band Support Officer at 901-874-5804 or by email at

Coordination with Band

If approved, a representative from the Band will reach out to you for coordination. Please note that even though a request may be approved by the Navy, it is not confirmation of participation in your event.

Please understand that events are covered based on availability of the unit to participate and will only be authorized when such support does not interfere with mission or training programs.

In all cases, operational commitments take priority and can cause previously scheduled appearances to be cancelled. It is the Sponsor’s responsibility to coordinate and keep a dialogue with the unit to ensure that circumstances don’t change and the unit is still able to attend the event in the days prior to your event.

Color Guards

Image of a Navy Color Guard

Request for Ceremonial Support

Submit a DD Form 2536 to

Community and civic organizations may request ceremonial support from the Navy to render military honors at eligible events.

This traditional formation adds dignity to any military-related activity, parade, or civic event by showing respect to our Nation and those who have served.

To have your event considered for support, please fill out a Request for Military Support in Public Events (non-aviation) DD Form 2536 and email it to Requests should be received at least 30 days prior to the date of your event to allow adequate processing.


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