Eligible Events


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All events listed are considered eligible for support.  Communication with aviation squadrons is required to determine participation. NAVCO does NOT have operational approval of U.S. Navy Aircraft at public events. If information on this list requires correction, please send an email to aviationsupport@navy.mil.


CHINFO #: U.S. Navy's chief of information event eligibility number. This is an ID number that signals an event is eligible for U.S. Naval aviation support. This does NOT guarantee aircraft will participate in an event.

Event Type: category of support requested by an event sponsor point of contact.


Flyover. Flyovers requested as a singular category requires authorization in addition to eligibility and are not listed.


Static Display. Participation is determined by the requested squadron.


Single Aircraft Demonstration. VFA-106 and VFA-122 determine TACDEMO participation at air shows requesting their support.


Blue Angels. Blue Angels determine their participation at air shows and announce their respective season schedules in December of each year. Please check their website for upcoming air show information. https://www.blueangels.navy.mil/show/


Navy Parachute Team (Leap Frogs). Participation at events is determined by the Navy Parachute Team.


Other Aerial Support. SAR demonstration, Fast-rope rappel demonstration, etc.